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Andréanne Godin
Laurent Le Bel Roux, Telemetry II

10, King Street, Montreal (QC) H3C 2N9

Old Montreal/Southwest Route

Numinous encounters

Exhibited artist: Andréanne Godin

Andréanne Godin observes, dissects and connects the themes of landscape, architecture and spatial perception in order to explore the possibilities of drawing. Representations found in her work echo fragments of personal experiences of time and space. Tangible references to photography (its form, its structure, and its light theory) have traversed their way into her work over time. From daguerreotype to large-format photography or snap shots, the visual language proposed in her drawings borrows from the effects of sensitivity film, focal blur or the instability of the frame. The World’s physicality and the way in which it plays with our senses are often what attracts Andréanne Godin to experiences of the living; as something as simple as a walk in the forest or a swim in a lake can allow her to touch our collective memory. Her installations are part of a visual and sensorial investigation seeking to stimulate the viewers’ senses, therefore the study of colour saturation using dry pigments and the search for light or evanescence all become part of this quest.

The Room is Listening

Exhibited artist : Laurent Le Bel-Roux

Laurent Le Bel-Roux integrates a variety of techniques that include drawing, painting, printmaking, and exploratory methods such as sound recording, motion capture, and soot deposit through combustion. This multidisciplinary approach allows him to engage in a creative process that is intuitive and responsive to the constraints that he encounters. Through his images, Le Bel-Roux intertwines the real and the imaginary to examine their interpretative potential. Inspired by gestalt and constructivist principles, he inquires into our modalities of understanding (contemplation, introspection, assimilation, interpretation), in order to investigate the construction of meaning in representation. His works oscillate between abstraction and figuration, enabling him to question the semiotic structures that could define their identity and purpose.

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