Galerie Nicolas Robert, Devant les tours
Galerie Nicolas Robert, Devant les tours

10, King Street, Montréal (QC) H3C 2N9

Old Montreal/Southwest Route


Devant les tours

Exhibited artist: Pierre Julien

Galerie Nicolas Robert presents the exhibition Devant les tours, by Pierre Julien. With this new series, the artist deploys an instinctive exploration of color in search of new chromatic vibrations. Inspired by the processes of generative art, he adopts a mechanism that makes way for his visceral relationship to textures and the moving characteristics of color. Rectangles featuring vaporous spray-applied hues are assembled in a symmetrical and sequential swing within strong lines. Therefore, this rigid frame makes the colors resonate better in an almost musical logic. Taken in their respective cases, they are put into circulation by the sliding of the gaze. They are activated, agitated in a relation of attraction, repulsion, and fractured harmony. A push and pull that allows the work to construct a narrative of illusion and chromatic scintillation. Sometimes, the artist allows the colors to break through the harsh lines, so that hazy masses that blow against still blocks can rise. Pursuing the exploration of a territory with a changing and fantasized topography, the pictorial sequence then allows the emergence of a diffracted urban landscape. Its forms emerge, multiple and simultaneous, in the cloudiness of our accumulated gazes.

Meet with Pierre Julien
Saturday, June 18
1pm to 4pm


Take advantage of your visit to meet the artist Pierre Julien.

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