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Michelle Bui, Affinités poreuses
Michelle Bui, Affinités poreuses 5


372, Sainte-Catherine Street W.,#414, Montreal (QC) H3B 1A2

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Affinités poreuses

Exhibited artist: Michelle Bui

McBride Contemporain presents “Affinités poreuses”, Michelle Bui’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. This new body of work expands her signature approach to still-life, concentrating more on the relationships among the elements composing her photographic tableau.

Belgo Brunch with Michelle Bui
Sunday, October 1, 2023
12 p.m.

Duration : 2 h


As part of Gallery Weekend, McBride Contemporain warmly invites you to a friendly brunch at the gallery, in the presence of artist Michelle Bui. Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to discover and engage with her latest exhibition titled “Affinités poreuses”. Croissants and refreshments will be provided on-site.

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