Yves Tessier, Big Yellow Bus on Street Corner
Yves Tessier, Snapshot at the Hammock

Belgo Building

372, Sainte-Catherine Street W. – #414, Montréal (QC) H3B 1A2

Downtown Route



Exhibited artist: Yves Tessier

McBride Contemporain presents INVISIBLE À L’OEIL NU, Yves Tessier’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Born in Montreal, Yves Tessier maintains studios in both New York City and Montreal, where he paints arresting and intimate small and medium scale works. Over the years, the artist has developed a unique pictorial language that explores a multitude of different scenarios and subjects. Tessier always transforms his sources of inspiration, whether they come from his surroundings, movies, newspaper clippings and more, into quiet but potently original scenes. With wet, fluid strokes laid down over dry strokes, he works in casein paints on a ground of marble dust gesso, applied to aluminum and wood panels. This technique lends an extra dimension of graphically elegant flatness to his compositions; his fields of colour simultaneously evoke our quotidian reality and a profoundly intimate perspective in equal measure. As a result, Tessier transforms the everyday world we live in with a freshness of seeing that radiates a genuinely visionary atmosphere, one which has both humorously troubling, and energetically cathartic effect.

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