Yves Laroche Galerie d’art
Zoltan Veevaete, HyperRenaissance
Zoltan Veevaete, HyperRenaissance

99 Rue Chabanel O, #224 Montreal (QC) H2N 1C2

Villeray/Ahuntsic Route

Various personas

Exhibited artist: Zoltan Veevaete

Curated by: Alexis Paradis

According to psychoanalyst Carl Jung, personas are masks that are part of the personality. A strategy that consists of adopting a socially predefined character in order to fulfill its social role. “Various Personas” is an experience through two facets of the artist Zoltan: two personas.

The exhibition places side by side two identities and techniques of the same creator Zoltan: the painter and Moz: the digital artist, in the same space. On the one hand, there are works composed in the spirit of the “joyeuses compagnies” of 17th century Dutch paintings. Some works are part of the Cryptic nights series presented earlier in 2023 as well as new large format paintings.

In the other room, there is a luminous orchestration juxtaposing the duality between the digital and real image. Illustrated in an allegorical way, it offers a reflection on the pictorial impact between the computer-generated image and the classic methods of creation. It addresses the porosity of mediums and tools. The works engage with different types of communication strategies: painting, printing, sculpture and animation in particular.

Zoltan Veevaete presents two facets of his creative process: one stems from unconscious introspection and the other from Cartesian observation of the image. It offers the spectator the freedom of creation in a theatrical reality.

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