Tanya Morand, Havana / Campo del Moro
Luca Fortin, Mars, avril et mai
Giorgia Volpe, Flottation
Florence LeBlanc, Cabines

Belgo Building

372, Sainte-Catherine Street W. #416, Montréal (QC) H3B 1A2

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Cartographie d’été

Exhibited artists: Luca Fortin, Florence Leblanc, Tanya Morand, Giorgia Volpe

Inspired by the artist Tanya Morand’s recent work, the theme of this exhibition explores summer wandering and search for adventure. At the same time, Cartographie d’été awakens our desire to revisit pleasant memories or childhood reminiscences. Without being explicit, each piece, in its own way, could remind us of a trip to the beach, travels in Europe or a regional road trip.

Visit of the exhibition with Tanya Morand
Thursday, June 16
6pm to 7pm


For Gallery Weekend, Galerie.a invites the public to meet with the artist Tanya Morand. This special event offers the public a privileged access to the artist’s work through a comprehensive presentation of her recent work in the exhibition.


The presentation will take place in French, and the artist will answer questions in both French and English.

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