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Anjali Kasturi, Four eyes and the devils fly
Dante Guthrie
Adrienne Greenblatt, Tzimtzum Sacred Void

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A Coin On A Tongue

Exhibited artists: Adrienne Greenblatt, Anjali Kasturi, Dante Guthrie

Curated by: Marie Ségolène C Brault

A Coin on A Tongue is a group show of new works by Dante Guthrie (Montreal), Anjali Kasturi (Montreal) and Adrienne Greenblatt (New York City) curated by Marie Ségolène.

Together, Kasturi’s otherworldly paintings, Guthrie’s combination of bronze and sulfur works, as well as Greenblatt’s small scale suspended glass sculptures will explore themes of spectrality and impermanence, through mythologies of the afterlife – The Asphodel fields and the rivers of the underworld.

To underline this special weekend we are collaborating with our neighbors on a first edition of OPEN STUDIOS for which local LGBTQ2A bookstore: Mes Pants de Queer, ceramic artist: Kaïa Etezadi (Míse) and painter Annette Demny will be opening their home studios, selling and exhibiting work by themselves and a selection of carefully curated local artists.

Exhibition Opening : A Coin on A Tongue
Friday, September 29, 2023
6 p.m.

Duration : 4 h


Opening of the exhibition “A Coin on A Tongue” in presence of the artists.

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